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Little sweeties

Strong bright colours!

Calipetite is a breakthrough in Calibrachoa breeding. It is a naturally compact mound of colour that grows into a dense ball without any need for growth regulators or supplemental lighting. This eye-catching series is ideal for colour bowls, and has irresistible retail sales appeal.

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Natural beauties!

These beauties are naturally compact – absolutely no PGRs necessary! Calipetite is early-flowering which make it truly unique amongst calibrachoa and allows it to be utilized in smaller spaces where traditional calibrachoa wouldn’t work. Calipetite is the best choice for high density/small container production for maximum return per square foot.

Calipetite flowers

Culture guide

Calipetite flowers


Calipetite flowers


Calibrachoa x Hybrida

Calipetite® surprises you by a 'Ball' of flowers

For the grower, Calipetite is a breeze! It is daylength neutral and blooms without supplemental lighting. It’s high pH tolerance of 7.2+ prevents yellow foliage and because it flowers readily under short days, early shipping is easy. At retail, Calipetite is a head-turner as an end cap item in 3-in-1 combos, quarts and color bowls. Long lasting shelf appeal is bound to result in repeat customers.

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